3 Things to try this week

This is the first in my new series of posts – 3 things to try this week… In each post from the series I will be sharing some of the stand out practice people so generously share on Facebook and Twitter.

Like most of you (I imagine) I spend most of my evening scrolling through the latest posts on my social media feed. Everyday I come across one or two new ideas to try out in my classroom. So I thought I would do a weekly post on my 3 favourite activities i've found this week and how they can be incorporated into MFL lessons. The idea is to create a bank of resources/activities I can keep coming back to. I hope you find it useful and please do share your experiences

1. Untangled Translations

This has been all over my twitter feed this week and it looks FANTASTIC! It's great to see a new take on it. Essentially students have a text to translate into both the TL and English. The original text is a mixture of both languages.

Shared on Twitter by @ThorneyMFL

I'll definitely be trying this one this week with my GCSE and A Level students.

2. Human Pacman

This is great interactive and engaging activity to use in the classroom, originally shared by @SenoraMason on Twitter. "Human Pacman: My favourite low-to-no prep activity of 17-18. My students EAT IT UP! Students spread out around the room. Ask a question The student who gets it right gets X steps Anyone they tag is out Last one standing wins!"

3. Mosaic Tiles

Another brilliant idea from the amazing @gianfrancoconti. For anyone who hasn't yet come across him (which I am sure there is no one left on the MFL planet who hasn't heard of him) his twitter feed is a treasure trove of ideas for the MFL classroom.

This is such a simple idea but very effective. Students create translations into the TL by joining up the appropriate tiles.


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