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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Have you seen task cards popping up all over the internet? They seem to be a really popular activity with teachers in the US. Given their popularity it got me thinking of how I could incorporate them into my teaching. Essentially they are small cards with a task for students to complete on each of them. They can contain a variety of activities from conjugations, translations, correct the mistakes, or something else. There's lots of different ways you can use them and once you have a set printed and ready to go you don't need to do any more prep. Here are just some of the ways you can use them:

1. Starters or Bell Work - At the start of a lesson place a couple of cards on each students desk for them to work on. They can work individually or in pairs. Get them to peer assess or feedback as a class.

2. Walk and write - stick the cards around the room and get students to walk around noting down their answers either on the answer sheet provided or in their books.

3. Stations / Carousel - Rather than having the whole class wandering around the room place students into groups, leave each group a selection of cards to complete. Set the timer and once the time is up they move onto the next table. Great for revision sessions, set each station up with a different topic you want students to revise.

4. Relay Race - Split your class into teams. Select 6 - 8 cards per team and stick them on the whiteboard at the front of the room - each team should have their own set of cards to complete. Line them up at the back of the room, one by one they make their way to the front and complete a card. Once they return to the team the next student can make their way up. The first team to correctly complete their cards are the winners.

5. Exit tickets / Plenary - As students are packing away hand out one card per student. Allow them a minute or two to think about their answer. As you dismiss the the students they respond to the prompt and hand it to the teacher (who verifies the answer) as they leave the room.

6. Traditional Board Games - Combine the task cards with traditional game boards and have students complete a task card to be able to move. Just have a few templates of different types of board games and you're ready to go. works great with Snakes & Ladders, Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly board games templates.

7. Early finishers - Make the sets available in your classroom. Students that finish another activity early can choose a few of the cards and complete the prompts.

8. Knowledge Retrieval - hey can also be used as Knowledge Retrieval activities. You might be teaching the topic of local area but why not bring out the holiday cards for a quick starter or plenary activity. A convenient way to quickly test your students knowledge.

There are a number of ways you can use these cards - and the bonus is you just need to print one set. No need for huge printing costs.

We already have a number of versions available in our members area and each set contains 45 individual task cards.

- Las Vacaciones

- Mi Tiempo Libre

- Mi ciudad

- Mi colegio

- La tele y el cine

- El mundo laboral

- Mi Familia

Why not download our Preterite Tense Task Card Pack for free. Follow the link below and you will find it amongst our GCSE Resources.

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