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Celebrate this year's European Day of Languages with our easy to deliver lessons. Ideal to hand out to non specialist teachers to deliver as part of assemblies or tutor sessions. 

Includes 4 activities.


Lesson PPT:

  • Match the capital to the country.
  • Identify the languages
  • Guess the meaning of different words
  • Picture reveal - guess the country


Unusual Customs PPT:

  • Students will learn about different unusual customs celebrated throughout Europe.


Eurovision Song Challenge:

  • Student's will complete a treasure hunt around the school to find 10 different Eurovision entries.
  • Includes a student form to complete with all the information they discover.


Europe Picture Reveal 

  • A fun game where students have to work out which European country it is from the image.


Big EDL Quiz

  • 4 different rounds
  • The wall - students have to group the words by language
  • Identify the Disney movie
  • Listen to songs in different languages
  • Guess the idiom

European Day of Languages

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