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We all love a game of Bingo but have you tried playing strip bingo with your students? If you want to avoid the inevitable giggles you can always call it rip bingo. It's a great low prep activity to drill vocabulary. All you need is a list of vocabulary you want the students to learn and a stack of scrap paper.

How to play

  1. Teacher displays a of words/phrases in the target language.

  2. Students take a strip of paper. Students then fold that strip in half 3 times to create 8 boxes.

  3. Students write down one word or phrase from the teacher’s list in each box. You can decide whether they should write it in English or in the TL.

  4. Call out one of the words from your list.

  5. If the student has written that word on one end of their paper (the far right or far left), that student can tear off that word or phrase from their strip. If it is one of the words or phrases in the middle of his or her strip, the student may not tear it off.

  6. The first person to have all of their words called and torn off and their last word ripped in half wins! You might have to read through the list several times in order to find a winner.

Whilst it is an enjoyable game for students it does create a bit of mess. I usually play this at the end of the lesson and as I dismiss the class row by row they place their torn off paper into the bin.

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